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It's time for your hair to share the limelight with your scalp. That’s where the Davines Naturaltech line comes in, with enriched formulas and new products

Imagine going to a spa to make time for a regenerating cleansing facial. You can enjoy a deep cleanse, a massage and a bespoke treatment - you come out with practically new skin that feels relaxed, glowing, and healthy.

Now imagine this: this time you’re not in a spa, but in a Davines salon and the focus is on the well-being of the hair and scalp. It’s this combination of healthy cleansing and personalised care that inspired the new NaturalTech formulas and products.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp 

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The well-being of hair comes from a mindful lifestyle, diet and haircare routine. That’s not enough, however: in fact, behind all healthy hair there is a healthy scalp

A healthy scalp fulfils its duties as a protective barrier thanks to the microbiota, a community of friendly microorganisms that live on the skin, including the scalp.

To strengthen the defences of the skin, we must start with a microbiotic booster, the new ingredient that helps power the ENERGIZING range for fragile hair: the Superactive serum and the Seasonal Superactive lotion that counter seasonal shedding or hair loss caused by stress.

Among the ENERGIZING treatments you’ll also find the Thickening Tonic which works to increase the hair’s thickness with a new formula that’s even more effective.

Bring more energy to the hair with versatile new products 

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ELEVATINGis the brand new product family. It works in perfect harmony with all other hair product families of the NaturalTech line, boosting their efficacy even more.

Going back to caring for the scalp, ELEVATINGoffers the Scalp Recovery Treatment spray, that helps hydrate and re-balance dry or irritated skin and restore the integrity of the skin barrier, for ideal protection from external aggressors, such as smog. This product does an excellent job of helping you calm down, soothe and offer comfort to a red and irritated scalp.

Another member of the new family is ELEVATINGClay, a clay-based in-salon treatment that deeply cleanses the scalp. Suited (also) to oily scalps, it’s used in combination with the various shampoos of the NaturalTech line.

ELEVATING, however, doesn’t mean just specific high-performance treatments for the scalp, but also a soothing multi-sensorial experience. The rest of the range, used professionally in salons, let you experience the pleasure of being at a spa for your scalp: utilising our ELEVATING Massage Oil, a scalp and hand massage oil, and the ELEVATING Fragrance.

Especially for oily scalps and hair

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Go beyond shampoo: our REBALANCING line, dedicated to oily scalps and hair, is added to the REBALANCING Cleansing Treatment for sebum-normalising cleansing that regulates sebum hyper-production.

Those with oily scalps may enjoy the new ELEVATING in-salon clay cleansing treatment. family we find an in-salon treatment, based on clay, to clean the skin in depth. Suitable for oily scalp and more, it is used in combination with the different shampoos of the NaturalTech line.

Hair with extra body and shine 

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The Naturaltech REPLUMPING family was formulated to help restore elasticity to allhair types. As well as shampoo and conditioner, there is the plumping and glossing REPLUMPING Hair Filler Superactive Leave-in treatment, that addsbodyand compactness, leaving hair feeling full and even shinier.

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