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Earth Month: why and how to celebrate it 


Lets celebrate the beauty of this Planet we call home. An extra-opportunity to remind us that our commitment must be constant and that our purchasing choices can make a difference. 

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April is Earth Month, and International Earth Day is celebrated the 22nd of April. Even if our commitment to safeguarding the Planet must be ongoing throughout the year, the establishment of Earth Month or Day - as a specific occasion in which the environment is celebrated - has given a significant contribution towards spreading sustainability values.

That's why, at Davines we also want to celebrate and remember that the environment is protected through concrete gestures: for companies and citizens alike, production or purchase choices are fundamental in order to establish a regenerative economic model

How was Earth Day established: from the Silent Spring to April 22nd 

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The idea of celebrating Earth Day began in the United States at the beginning of the 1960’s. In 1962 Rachel Carson published Silent Sprint, the first environmentalist manifest: in this essay, the spring fields were defined as silent because the use of pesticides in agriculture had sent away insects and birds, silencing the voices of nature.

A movement developed that celebrated Earth Day on March 21st, on occasion of the Northern hemisphere Spring Equinox, the equilibrium point between night and day. In 1969, the activist John McConnell proposed to UNESCO that this anniversary be added into its calendar.

Even the United States government became involved and in 1970 established that the official celebrations for Earth Day would take place a month and a day after the equinox, as in April 22nd.

From then on, the importance of Earth Day increased until it transformed this occasion into a global celebration of the Planet’s beauty. For this reason, at Davines we must celebrate! 

We protect biodiversity, every day 

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It is fundamental to remember that the environment is protected daily, through concrete gestures. For example, the purchasing habits of each one of us - from companies to citizens - have a great impact.

Starting with nutrition, it is preferable to follow a vegetarian diet or have a limited consumption of red meats, and choosing foods that safeguard biodiversity.

Even Davines, when creating its formulas, selects high quality ingredients, choosing them while considering biodiversity and preferring those of natural origin, eco-certified or organic.

The Essential Haircare lines is a symbol of our formulation philosophy. Every Essential product contains an ingredient that is obtained from a Slow Food Presidia in Italy: starting with the Noto almond, found in LOVE Curl, to the Fiaschetto Tomato of Torre Guaceto, found in the NOUNOU formula. By choosing to purchase these raw materials, we take a concrete step towards supporting small local farmers, custodians of a very important heritage of diversity and beauty. 

Travel to Italy, with Essential Haircare 

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Would you like to meet our custodian farmers? We have decided to thank the courageous farmers, telling you of their daily commitment.  

Discover the ingredients we use, where they are produced and virtually meet the Italian farmers at the front-line for defending biodiversity. 

Change your sources of energy: switch to renewables 

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Emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse effect gasses are some of the main culprits for climactic change.

Each one of us can contribute to reducing his own impact very easily: first of all by choosing a green energy supplier, using renewable sources such as sun, wind or water. Check your electricity bill or call your operator to receive further information on how you can switch to renewable sources that have more respect for the environment.

The energy transition is one of the most important steps towards fighting climate change, and it is important that we move together in this direction! Do you want to become part of the team? 

Davines started the journey towards decarbonising its energy sources in 2006. Since 2018, all of our offices worldwide have become carbon neutral, just like the production plant in Parma. Consider this when making your purchases! 

Sustainable habits when washing your hair

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In order to minimise its impact on the Planet, Davines compensates 100% of greenhouse gasses related to the packaging of its products. Since 2019, we started a journey  towards compensating emissions related to the entire lifecycle of products being launched: from raw materials sourcing all the way up to the door of your home, excluded only the use phase at home or in salon!

Once the Davines product enters your bathroom, you can continue the journey towards reducing emissions by modifying your habits during use phase, and making them more virtuous. This is how! 

  • When taking a shower, remember that it uses a lot of energy to heat water. Try  a cooler temperature, hot, but not boiling hot.
  • Shut off the water while you massage the shampoo, the conditioner or the shower gel.
  • Turn the running water on only to rinse, then shut it off immediately. We know that a shower is also a moment of relax for you, but if it is too long, it can cause stress on the Planet.
  • When drying your hair, use the hairdryer at the lowest possible temperaturefor your hair.
  • Remember to unplug the hairdryer, the hair straightener or the curling iron immediately after use. A plugged in household appliance uses power even when it is turned off! 

Join the Davines community to protect the Earth!  

Together we can really make a difference! In order to continue celebrating earth every day of the year, we at Davines invite you to join us and continue on a path towards to sustainability. Whether you are a customer or a hairdresser, here below you will find many tools made available to you in order to contribute directly to reducing your impact on the Planet. 

Davines for Climate Action

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Everyone: Davines customers and salons


Develop eco-friendly habits thanks to the AWORD App, approved by the United Nations and customised by Davines. 

Sustainable Salon Program

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All salons worldwide


Complete the test in order to discover how much your salon is sustainable and to join the Sustainable Salon Program

Extraordinary Manual

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All salons worldwide


Read the Extraordinary Manual to Make the World a Better Place and manage the salon in the most responsible and courageous manner! 

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