Enhance natural and cosmetic color

Alchemic is a system of shampoos and conditioners with pure pigments that can intensify and brighten both natural and cosmetically coloured hair.

This is non-permanent colour that gives you free reign to experiment without worrying about long-term effects. These tones can be creatively mixed together, or used separately to maintain and enhance natural and cosmetic colour.

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                                    Beautiful colour through pure pigments

                                    Why should colour be a commitment? Alchemic washes out in several shampoos, letting you try a new look, risk-free.

                                    ALCHEMIC ORIGINALS

                                    Each family within the Alchemic system covers a different range of hair colours. Icy platinum blondes can avoid brassiness with Alchemic Silver, dark brunettes can add rich, never-dull tones with Alchemic Chocolate, and vibrant cool reds are boosted with Alchemic Copper.

                                    ALCHEMIC CREATIVE CONDITIONERS

                                    Pink, Coral, Lavender, Marine Blue and Teal Blue. Perfect for those who are fed up with their everyday hair colour and want to play with pastel or
                                    vivid shades.

                                    To be used in salon and at home on light blonde
                                    natural hair and lightened hair up to a platinum

                                    Alchemic Creative Conditioners

                                    Looking for a fairytale colour? Make your wish: choose your favorite shade from the five new temporary Alchemic conditioners

                                    Fed up with your everyday hair color?

                                    Try our new Pink, Lavender, Coral, Marine Blue and Teal creative colour conditioners! They'll add colour to the hair, whilst providing a conditioning effect.

                                    Fast application in salon and easy at home mantainance.

                                    Click here to find the colour of your dreams!

                                    How long will the colour last?

                                    The Alchemic Creative Conditioners will not modify the natural colour of your hair, they'll layer on the outside of the hair stem and fade after several shampoos (from 3 to 10).

                                    The duration of the color depends on some factors, such as the porosity of your hair and the colour you chose. 

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                                    Customised colour care with Alchemic Originals

                                    FOR NATURAL COLOUAR

                                    - Add vibrancy and reflective shine to your hair
                                    - Protective agents in the formula help to hydrate and gently cleanse
                                    - Embrance and enhance gray tones with Alchemic Silver

                                    FOR COSMETIC COLOUR

                                    - Get creative! Mix different shades to create a custom look
                                    - Boost tones of cosmetic colour
                                    - Extend the life of your colour between colour services

                                    The science behind Alchemic

                                    The term alchemy comes from the Arab word "Al-kimia," meaning chemistry in its highest form.

                                    Intense yet gentle formulas

                                    The Alchemic formulas protective agents provide intense hydration and help to prevent split ends. Alchemic shampoos contain a gentle cleansing substance, which delicately preserves colour.

                                    Reflective and beautiful hair

                                    Alchemic is made with pure pigments that are deposited on the hair surface, reviving colour and preserving the intensity between colour treatments. It adds wonderful reflections by strengthening the hair from the inside, protecting and brightening it.

                                    Sustainability facts

                                    For the Davines Group, every product is made using the most sustainable and effective practices possible.

                                    Davines - Team

                                    B CORP

                                    DAVINES THE B CORPORATION

                                    We are proud to be a B Corporation, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.


                                    SUSTAINABILITY AS A STRATEGY

                                    We have integrated several of the United Nation's "Sustainable Development Goals" into our own business and production strategy, such as clean energy and climate action.

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