Absolute Beauty

Our best-selling OI range

Our best-selling and award-winning OI family acts as both a daily routine and styling agent.

Formulated with Roucou oil, the products give extraordinary shine and softness to any kind of hair. For softer and smoother skin, you can also complement your daily haircare routine with both an anti-aging hand cream and moisturising body wash.


Our best-selling line for beautiful, shiny and fragrant hair.
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    75 ml
          280 ml

          Features and Benefits

          - A rich fragrance
          - Each product has multiple benefits for your hair and skin
          - Roucou oil protects hair against the effects of ageing and environmental damage

          - Hair is instantly softer
          - The detangling action of Roucou oil leaves your hair easier to comb
          - OI Body Wash and hand balm leave your skin hydrated and protected

          Absolute beauty for hair and skin

          Davines OI Oil

          OI is a product range dedicated to absolute beauty for all types of hair and skin.

          The name OI comes from the ancient Eastern idea of harmony through the balance of opposite forces. In an effort to create balance between the senses, mulitple benefits and effectiveness, OI lets you see immediate positive results from your first use.

          All OI products contain Roucou oil, an antioxidant-rich plant from the Amazon

          Advanced formulas

          Extremely rich in beta carotene (which has a restructuring effect on the hair), Roucou oil reduces cellular damage from UV rays, as well as helping to prevent the signs of aging. All products are both sulfate and paraben-free.

          Elegant and sustainable design

          The carbon dioxide emissions deriving from its production are offset with reforestation and woodland protection projects.

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