Products For Oily Hair

Discover sustainable products for oily hair formulated to restore your scalp with haircare that help combat oil production.

Products For Oily Hair
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Our Range of Products for Oily Hair

We provide a wide range of oily scalp treatments and products for oily hair designed to help roots feel refreshed for longer. From treatments to shampoos and conditioners to dry shampoos for when you’re on the go, you’re sure to find the right product for your hair concern. 

Shop The Best Shampoos, Conditioners, and Treatments for Oily Hair

Why not try our Naturaltech rebalancing shampoo and conditioner, formulated to regulate scalps that suffer from sebum over-production? Our SOLU range, complete with a clarifying shampoo and scrub, is perfect for deep cleansing scalps to eliminate product buildup. In need of a hair treatment? Find our Naturaltech Rebalancing oily scalp treatment that cleanses, rebalances, and soothes scalps prone to oil, helping to promote healthy hair.

With a variety of shampoos and conditioners for oily scalps on the market, find the best products for oily hair from Davines. Invest in products that are good for your hair and the planet - shop our sustainable range today.

What Causes An Oily Scalp?

An oily scalp can be caused by multiple factors, including using hair products that contain artificial chemicals, sensitive scalp issues like dandruff and psoriasis, and genetics. More commonly, an oily scalp can be caused by overwashing your hair, causing product buildup. You signal your scalp to produce more sebum every time you wash your hair. If you overwash your hair, your scalp will go into an ‘oil production overdrive,’ which can result in an oily scalp build-up.

How Do I Stop My Hair From Being Oily?

Do you ever wash your hair, and then it feels oily again the next day? Here are a couple of ways to limit the amount of oil production without damaging your hair: Try washing your hair less often; this will help reduce the amount of oil production on your scalp. Follow our blog on how to train your hair here

Swap to haircare products specifically designed to clarify and rebalance your scalp. Davines has a full range of products dedicated to restoring your hair to its natural state. Try our product lines, such as the Naturaltech  Rebalancing and Detoxifying range and our SOLU collection. 

Try using products like our hair refresher and dry shampoos in between washes to increase the longevity of your hair.Top tip: when you wash your hair, remember to wash twice, the first wash will deep clean your scalp to remove product buildup and dead skin, and the second will cleanse, leaving your hair feeling and smelling fresh.

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