Discover our collection of professional, sustainable shampoos to gently cleanse and clarify hair of all types without disrupting the natural balance.

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Shampoo for All Hair Types

The foundation of an effective haircare routine starts with a quality, sustainable shampoo. Our shampoos are created to gently cleanse and invigorate all hair types without disrupting the natural balance. Discover your perfect fit from our collection of bestselling formulas like the softening  OI Shampoo, clarifying  SOLU Salt Scrub, curl-defining  LOVE CURL and colour-protecting  ALCHEMIC. We also offer targeted solutions for specific scalp and hair needs with our  NATURALTECH range.

Davines Sustainable Shampoos - The Essentials for Healthy, Balanced Hair

 Our shampoos are backed by years of research, made from naturally derived and sustainable ingredients, using no animal testing. No matter your hair goals, our shampoos will leave strands feeling fresh, lightweight and healthy, never dry or dull.

Are your shampoos paraben and sulphate-free? 

Yes, all Davines shampoos are formulated to be free of sulphates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals. We use high-quality, naturally derived ingredients that cleanse hair gently yet effectively. We aim to create sustainable shampoos that support hair health without disrupting the natural moisture balance or causing irritation. You can feel good about the safe formulas in our sulphate and paraben-free shampoos.

Does Davines Shampoo work for all hair types? 

With our wide range of targeted shampoo formulas, Davines offers effective cleansers for all hair types, including  dry,  oily,  normal,  curly,  fine,  colour-treated,  blonde and  damaged hair. We put research into creating specialised shampoos that address unique hair needs and goals. Consult  our guide to discover your perfect Davines shampoo match based on your hair’s specific requirements and care priorities.

How often should I use shampoo?

We recommend shampooing 1-2 times per week for most hair types. For  drier, more porous hair, less frequent shampooing 1-2 times every 7-10 days is ideal to avoid stripping natural oils.  Oilier hair can use shampoo more frequently every 2-3 days. Curly and colour-treated hair also benefits from less washing, about once weekly. Adjust your shampoo frequency based on your hair's needs and response. Avoid over-washing, as this can cause dryness and damage over time.

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