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Our hair mask collection has been formulated to achieve maximum results on all hair types, needs and conditions.

Hair Masks
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Nourishing Hair Masks for All Hair Types

Give your hair the deep nourishment and repair it deserves with Davines Hair Masks. Our collection offers targeted treatment formulas to address all hair types and needs. Revitalise  damaged strands,  hydrate thirsty locks, illuminate  colour-treated hair and more with these indulgent masks.

Professional Hair Masks at Home

Choose quick 10-minute treatments for on-the-go conditioning or more intensive options when you want some self-care. Try the replenishing  THE CIRCLE CHRONICLES masks, the illuminating  HEART OF GLASS mask for blonde tones or our cleansing and soothing  Naturaltech masks.

Pamper your hair with the restorative power of Davines Hair Masks. Let these professional treatments get your locks back to their best. Your hair will thank you!

How often should I use a Davines hair mask?

Generally speaking twice a month, but the correct frequency depends on the needs of your hair (dry, damaged, curly, dull), the number of times you wash it and the products you use. As a guide, follow the “How to Use” information on your chosen hair mask on our website.

How long should I leave a hair mask on?

Most of our masks are designed for 10-15 minutes. For deeper conditioning, some intensive formulas can be left on for up to 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Refer to the product page for guided instructions.

Can Davines hair masks be used on colour-treated hair?

Yes, we offer masks specifically formulated to nourish colour-treated hair and even enhance vibrancy like our  MINU range. Always do a strand test first when using new hair products with colour-treated hair.

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