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From frizz control to an added boost of nourishment and shine, our selection of hair oils provides the perfect finishing touch to a variety of looks.

Hair Oil
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Hair Oil for Damaged Hair

Cultivating healthy, beautiful hair that looks as good as it feels starts with taking care of the follicle’s natural structure. Our scalps naturally coat strands of hair in sebum, improving elasticity and shine while preventing  breakage and  frizz. As we  shampoo, colour, and heat treat our manes, we can cause damage that strips hair of natural oils, leaving each follicle vulnerable.

Applying a nutritious, antioxidant-rich hair oil after you wash and condition can greatly improve overall hair health. It replaces moisture without weighing down strands. While sulphate-free shampoo and sulphate-free conditioner are the best ways to cleanse the scalp and hair, it’s crucial to add hydration back in after washing.  Too little moisture and your scalp may kick into overdrive, creating the need to wash more frequently and perpetuating this vicious cycle. Too much of the wrong kind of moisture and the scalp’s delicate pH may be thrown off, causing  scalp sensitivity and leading to itching, dandruff, or redness.

Moisturising Hair Oils

Hair oil offers a convenient, natural way to restore moisture and fortify the hair’s natural defences. Dry follicles tend to split open along the shaft, releasing what moisture they do have and allowing for chemicals and pollutants to work their way in and degrade the follicle. Coating each strand with a dose of non-toxic, consciously-crafted hair oil reduces the risk of this.

Hair oil also has the added benefit of eliminating  frizz for manes that are prone to flyaways and fuzz.  If you’ve struggled to grow your hair past a certain length, hair oil will quickly become your new best friend. While it doesn’t technically make your hair grow faster, it does prevent breakage, which can help your hair grow longer. Davines' hair oils are naturally UV protective, blocking damage from the sun’s rays and keeping your strands healthy and happy. For unbeatable shine every time, layer on natural hair oil.

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