Products For Blonde Hair

Discover sustainable hair products for blonde hair that work to keep your colour gorgeous and your hair strong and healthy.

Products For Blonde Hair
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Our Range of Products for Blonde Hair

We provide a wide range of products for blonde hair, specifically designed to help keep your colour luminous and your hair healthy. For shiny, radiant blonde hair that feels fantastic from root to tip, why not try our treatments, shampoos and conditioners for blonde hair today? 

Shop The Best Shampoos, Conditioners, and Treatments for Blonde Hair

For breathtakingly beautiful blonde hair, you need to use products that strengthen and fortify every strand, provide deep nourishment and deliver superior colour-enhancing power. Our  Heart of Glass range ticks all the boxes, with our unique indigo-blue  shampoo and  conditioner to bring out the best in your hair colour, whatever your shade. Our  intense reinforcing treatment is perfect for cosmetic blondes, with powerhouse ingredients such as Baobab extract, helping to protect your hair from breakage and instantly adding brightness and shine. 

Looking for products to intensify and brighten your blonde hair? The  Alchemic range works with your colour, enhancing tones and adding glorious shine. Cool platinum blondes will love our Silver  shampoo and  conditioner for a shimmering luminosity that will turn heads. While those with darker blonde hair can inject warmth with our  golden tones. All the products in the Alchemic range are suitable for natural or dyed blonde hair using natural ingredients to provide excellent hydration and showstopping shine.

Is Blonde Hair Harder To Take Care Of?

Blonde hair generally needs more TLC than darker shades. This is because the strands are naturally more porous. Even if you don’t dye your hair, sunlight or other chemicals such as chlorine in a swimming pool can take a greater toll on lighter hair. Creating a good hair care routine and putting less stress on your hair can help to keep it healthy and strong. Some products can also make your hair brittle, dry and more susceptible to breakage so it’s important to invest in high-quality products that use natural ingredients and are  specifically formulated to protect, nourish and enhance blonde hair. 

How Do I Stop My Hair From Becoming Dry?

Keeping your blonde locks soft and shiny can be a challenge, particularly for those of us with cosmetically enhanced blonde hair. Some top tips to keep your hair healthy include:

- Washing it less often
- Using products that contain fortifying ingredients and enriching natural oils
- Using  shampoo,  conditioner and other hair care products that have been designed with blonde hair in mind
- Getting regular hair cuts to trim dead ends.
- Make sure you have a diet or take supplements with hair-loving vitamins and minerals, such as B, D, E, zinc, biotin and iron.

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