Products for Curly Hair

Bring back bounce to your curls and hydrate naturally textured hair with our range of curly hair products. These shampoos, conditioners, mousses, and curl-building serums combat humidity, smooth frizz, and give elasticity back to curls.

Products for Curly Hair
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Davines’s Range of Products for Curly Hair

While naturally curly hair can be a gift, it can sometimes feel quite the opposite when it comes to keeping your curls under control. That’s why we’re excited to showcase a range of curly hair products designed to eliminate frizz and give you gorgeously hydrated, glossy, defined curls that are full of life.

Our  LOVE CURL range is full of curl-controlling goodies such as shampoos and conditioners, masks and smoothers, creams, primers, and serums to nourish and condition your natural curls or waves and give stunning results. Looking for something to smooth frizz and add shine?

Our  OI oil is packed with soothing ingredients and smells simply divine. It’ll leave your hair soft and oh-so-shiny without weighing it down. Our  Hair butteris another top product for the curly-haired crew. It’s like a face mask for your locks and will deeply condition your hair, adding shine and brightness.

Or why not try a  leave-in treatment to really give your curly locks some much-deserved TLC? With heat protection and anti-tangle properties, it’s a great one to keep close at hand, and you can simply spritz and go!

Reclaim Your Natural Curl with Specialised Products

Because of its spiral shape, curly hair is naturally likely to be more susceptible to dryness, damage, and breakage, as natural oils have a more challenging time distributing evenly across the hair follicle. Specialised  shampoos and  conditioners for curly hair will be packed with curl-enhancing ingredients to boost elasticity and increase shine and volume without compromising the structure of the hair.

What causes curly hair to frizz?

There are many reasons why naturally curly or wavy hair can become frizzy or out of control. We’ve already touched on the importance of using the right products for your hair type. However, there are lots of other factors to take into consideration, such as:

Your washing & styling practices

Styling curly hair can be tricky. Do you towel dry your hair with a flannel towel? If you do, switch this out for a microfiber towel or even an old t-shirt to help reduce friction and frizz. Do you use a diffuser but move it around your head a lot? Stop! Using a diffuser correctly can make all the difference. Keeping still and drying your hair section by section can help.

Your sleeping situation

Because curly hair is more vulnerable, replacing your cotton pillowcase with a silk or satin one could help minimise breakage overnight. A silk or satin pillowcase allows the hair to glide more freely, rather than cotton, which can pull on the hair strands and leave it feeling frizzy and out of control when you awaken!

Your stress levels

Stress releases a hormone known as cortisol, and this causes inflammation which can make your hair follicles swell and become more  prone to damage. If you’ve been feeling stressed of late, try taking time to address the cause and engage in stress-lowering exercises to help boost your mental health.

Your hydration

Keeping your hair hydrated will help give you the smooth, defined curls you’ve always dreamed of. Keep your curly hair well-conditioned, and give it some extra TLC if it looks frizzy or brittle. Drinking lots of water can also help ensure your hair stays healthy, so don’t forget those eight glasses of water daily!

What’s the best way to manage curly hair?

By treating your curly hair with care, being gentle when you brush and style it, avoiding too much heat, keeping it nourished and moisturised, and using the right curly hair products, you’ll soon enjoy bouncy, shiny, natural curls and waves that are the envy of all your friends. If you fear your curly hair is damaged and becoming unmanageable, check out our blog on  how to fix damaged curly hair.

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