Products For Damaged Hair

Restore your hair to its former glory with our care-crafted products for damaged hair. Infused with a blend of high-quality organic ingredients, our formulas are designed to nourish and strengthen each damaged strand, from root to tip.

Products For Damaged Hair
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Restorative and Rejuvenating Products for Damaged Hair

Hair damage is inevitable over time from hot tools, harsh chemicals in hair dyes and styling products, hormonal changes, eating habits - the list goes on. At Davines, we understand the frustration of dealing with dry, dehydrated, or brittle hair.

Our high-quality hair treatments for damaged hair are formulated to restore your hair’s regular structure over time. From moisturising shampoos and rich conditioners to heat protection sprays and leave-in treatments, find the perfect salon or at-home solution for your hair type and tackle damaged, dehydrated hair. Our Naturaltech collection is specially designed to revitalise dry and damaged hair, specifically from chemical damage

Build the Perfect Hair Care Routine for Damaged Hair

Cleanse and hydrate with a nourishing shampoo and rich conditioner to deeply moisturise and restore natural softness.

Try our NOUNOU shampoo and conditioner, for a gentle, yet deeply nourishing cleanse for dehydrated hair.

Use a revitalising hair mask for damaged hair after washes, as needed. Our NOURISHING Hair Building Pak, enriched with vegetal keratin and the Biacidic Bond complex, will nourish your roots and protect the hair from oxidative damage.

Before styling or using hot tools, apply our MELU Hair Shield to protect your hair from heat and prevent breakage. Finish your routine with our OI Oil, to add shine to your strands and tame frizz.

What causes damaged hair?

Hair damage can be classified into three main types:

#1 - Mechanical damage is caused by aggressive detangling, or excessive brushing - especially when hair is wet - leading to breakage.

Tip: Before combing or brushing your hair, apply our NOURISHING Keratin Sealer to make detangling easier and strengthen the hair fibres.

#2 - Heat damage occurs from regular use of hot styling tools without heat protection.

Tip: Always use heat protection before blow drying or using hot tools. Prime your hair with our This is a Primer tonic lotion, and protect your hair from heat and humidity.

#3 - Exposure to chemical agents in hair dyes, bleaching or perming solutions, and styling products, can lead to chemical damage.

Tip: Bleaching and dyeing hair even at the salon, can strain your strands, and pigment removal for lighter and blonde shades makes the hair more prone to damage.

For gorgeous blonde hair, explore our complete Heart of Glass collection for natural or treated blondes, designed to prevent breakage, intensify colour and add brightness.

What does damaged hair look like?

Damaged hair struggles to maintain its natural shape and texture, showing signs of dullness, breakage, split or tangled ends, and frizziness. Over time, heat and chemical damage can strip once-voluminous hair of its original fullness and bounce.

Choose a hair treatment for dry and frizzy hair to rejuvenate your strands, restore movement and volume, and prevent further damage.

Don’t forget to check your scalp’s condition regularly. If your scalp looks flaky and in need of moisture, opt for a scalp treatment that will restore hydration and promote healthy hair growth.

Follow up your shampoo with our NOURISHING Hair Royal Jelly Superactive to soothe the scalp and hydrate your roots.

Can damaged hair be repaired?

While hair can’t regenerate or heal like living tissue, you can improve its appearance and prevent further damage. Promote growth by getting regular trims, and strengthen your ends with specialised split-end treatments. Our MELU anti-breakage line is specially designed to restore shine to long or damaged hair.

Should I stop styling damaged hair?

While it’s not necessary to stop styling your hair at the salon or avoid hot tools completely, we recommend getting regular trims and creating the right haircare routine with specialised products to prevent breakage and improve the appearance of damaged hair.

Say goodbye to dull and lifeless strands. Treat yourself to the right Davines solution for your damaged hair and help it regain its strength and vitality.

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