Products For Damaged Hair

 Our products for damaged hair contain a blend of high-quality, organic ingredients that nourish your hair's strands.

Products For Damaged Hair
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Our Range of Products for Damaged Hair

While damage to your hair is inevitable over time, using quality products specifically designed to help repair and restore damage can be vital to it’s maintenance. Our range of products for damaged hair will help to recover back to a healthier and shinier appearance. 

These products can be used both in a salon and at home and are designed to help you maintain long-term hair health. Choose from effective hair repair treatments created to support damaged hair and prevent its return. The Naturaltech collection is designed to revitalise dry and damaged hair, specifically from chemical damage.

It is important to recognise the signs so you can take action to treat the problem before it becomes too severe. By using a  shampoo and  conditioner with hydrating properties, you will be able to restore moisture and reduce  frizziness. You should also gently massage your hair with a  leave-in treatment every few weeks to help repair damaged ends and promote healthy growth.

Help Restore and Rejuvenate Damaged Hair with Specialised Products

We provide a wide range of damaged hair treatments, such as moisturising shampoosrich conditioners, and nourishing hair masks made with high-quality ingredients that work with your hair's regular structure. Discover our Nourishing Hair Building Pak, created to support hair roots by strengthening the fibres and protecting them from oxidative damage. Need to style your hair with heat? Protect your hair with our Hair Heat Shield from the popular MeluEHC range.

We have a specialised shampoo for damaged hair, such as the Nounou shampoo, which provides deep nourishment for dehydrated hair while leaving it strong and lustrous. The Nounou shampoo complements the Nounou conditioner, which deeply moisturises and nourishes hair and is considered one of our best conditioners for damaged hair. 

What Causes Damaged Hair?

Damage can be caused by using too much heat on the hair, using harsh shampoos and styling tools, or simply not washing your hair often enough. Damage can also be caused by a sudden change in humidity, for example going from a humid environment to an air-conditioned one.

While damaged hair can be a result of external factors, it is also possible for damage to occur internally. Stress and poor diet are two of the most common causes of internal damage. Both of these factors cause the sebum (oil) production in the scalp to become abnormal resulting in increased dryness and breakage in the hair follicles. 

What are The signs of Dry and Damaged Hair?

There are many signs of dry and damaged hair to look out for, the main signs include split ends, breakage, tangled locks that look dull and lifeless. Another telltale sign of damaged hair is loss of volume. Hair that has lost its bounce and fullness indicates that it’s been damaged by too much colouring or heat styling tools such as straighteners, blow dryers and curlers.

Finally, if you have dandruff or scalp irritation, you may also have damage to your hair’s follicles and sebaceous glands.

Can Damaged Hair Be Repaired?

Whilst there are a lot of products on the market that claim to ‘repair’ damaged hair through deep conditioning, serums and shampoos. Unfortunately, to truly repair damaged hair is impossible. Hair is not a living tissue so it can’t regenerate or heal. 

The good news is that dry, weak and damaged hair can be managed and strengthened through the use of treatments and by getting a regular trim. Products like hair masks can do wonders at nourishing your hair, and maintaining it to become healthier. By using a shampoo and conditioner with hydrating properties, you will be able to restore moisture and reduce frizziness. You should also gently massage your hair with a leave-in treatment every few weeks to help repair damaged ends and promote healthy growth.

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