Essential Haircare

A custom regimen for every hair type


Delicate daily products for all hair types

The nine families of Essential Haircare each meet a specific function: nourishment, hydration, volume, shine, protection, elasticity, smoothness and daily care.

Essential Haircare is the perfect expression of our strong belief in sustainable beauty. Each product family (named with an abbreviated description of the function) is enriched with an active ingredient sourced from Italian Slow Food Presidia farms, helping to contribute to the biodiversity of the planet.

Essential Shampoo Bars

All the benefits of a professional shampooin the new solid format. Now available in four versions, for different hair types and results. MOMO for dry and dehydrated hair, VOLU for fine and limp hair, DEDEfor gentle daily cleansing, and LOVEfor frizzy hair.

Five reasons for trying Essential Shampoo Bars:

1) The packaging is 100% paper

2) Every formula contains an ACTIVE INGREDIENT FROM A SLOW FOOD PRESIDIA protecting the biodiversity of the planet

3) Solid formats are convenient and LAST UP TO 40 WASHES

4) They are COMPACT and perfect for your TRAVELS

5) Shampoo bars maintain the PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE of our liquid shampoos

Let's protect biodiversity together

In all Essential Haircare products you will find an active ingredient from an Italian Slow Food Presidium

Local plant species are in danger of extinction


We began our collaboration with the Slow Food movement in 2014and have been committed to supporting their efforts ever since. Our products contain natural ingredients from Slow Food-certified farms; they who take care of your hair and the Earth at the same time.

Sustainable Agriculture


Italian farming familiespassionately cultivate small, traditional crops – like the Fiaschetto tomato from Brindisi or the caper from Salina – and are on the front lines to protect our planet.

From farm to shower

Every Slow Food Presidia ingredient in Essential Haircare is cultivated by Italian farmers who work to preserve unique ingredients that are at the risk of extinction.

Essential Haircare lets you feel good about giving your hair the custom care it craves, while also helping to protect and preserve the biodiversity of our planet. The local farmers behind each family represent a different ingredient at the risk of extinction, which is now utilized as an active part of each formula.

Helping the planet from the inside out


This line of customized haircare has a strong foundation of eco-friendly ingredients and packaging.


Sustainable formulas

Essential Haircare is made with high percentages of naturally-derived and biodegradable ingredients — minimizing environmental impact while boosting sustainability and performance. Sulfate and paraben-free, the gentle formulas of each family meet the needs of different hair types, while offering an immediate cosmetic treatment.

Sustainable packaging

Essential Haircare products are made using the smallest amount of food-grade plastic, which can be easily upcycled into pots for small plants. The packaging is manufactured using only energy from renewable sources; any carbon dioxide emissions generated are offset by funding the creation of reforestation projects.


Features and benefits

- Customized haircare that targets specific needs

- High-performing and sustainable formulas

- Antioxidant and protective properties for your hair
- Active Slow Food Presidia ingredients that help to protect biodiversity

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