Shampoo Bars

Discover our sustainable, easy-to-use shampoo bars. Our bars last up to 40 gentle washes, suitable for all hair types.

Shampoo Bars
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Shampoo Bars For All Hair Types

Discover our collection of eco-friendly, plastic-free shampoo bars. Packaged in 100% FSC paper, these solid shampoo alternatives provide a rich, nourishing lather without leftover bottles. 

Choose from hydrating bars like the  MOMO Shampoo Bar, which uses active, naturally derived ingredients like yellow melon extract, perfect for people with dry hair. The  VOLU bar adds volume to limp and lifeless hair whilst nourishing it and leaving it feeling weightless. Or try the  DEDE bar for a delicate cleanse suitable for daily use and sensitive scalps. Need to battle the frizz? Discover our  LOVE Shampoo bar, designed to tame and control coarse, curly and unruly hair.

Plastic-free and travel-ready shampoo Bars

Plastic-free and weighing less than 3 ounces, our shampoo bars are perfect for travel. They provide an eco-conscious way to care for your hair wherever you are whilst avoiding single-use plastics. Discover the simple effectiveness of solid shampoo bars.

How do I use Davines shampoo bars? 

To use, simply wet the bar and work it into a lather on your hands. Massage into the scalp and rinse thoroughly. After use, let the bar air dry and store it in our  shampoo bar case

Are Davines shampoo bars as effective as liquid shampoo?

Yes, our shampoo bars provide the same function as our  liquid shampoos. Choosing between a bar or liquid form can be a personal preference; the solid form just eliminates plastic waste while still cleansing your hair the same way liquid forms do.

Can I use Davine's shampoo bars on coloured or dry hair?

Our bars are created to suit different hair needs. Options like the  DEDE bar gently cleanse coloured, and the  MOMO Bar is perfect for deep moisturisation on dry hair. See our website's hair-type guide to find your perfect nourishing shampoo bar match. 

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