A Single Shampoo

This is not a shampoo. This is our declaration of sustainability.

A Single Shampoo is our most significant effort to combine a professional quality formula with the highest levels of sustainability.

To achieve this goal we run the SLCA (Sustainable Life Cycle Assessment) analysis, a procedure that evaluates every possible consequence on natural resources, environment and society, during the entire life cycle of the product.

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A Single Shampoo

Experience true sustainable beauty

In line with what was already done for Essential Haircare, A Single Shampoo contains an ingredient chosen to help preserve biodiversity. It is a special surfactant partially derived from Quercetano Olive Oil, a Slow Food Presidium  created by Davines to actively support biodiversity.

This surfactant derived from vegetal oil has a high content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and characteristics similar to the sebaceous substances produced naturally by the hair, for a delicate and at the same time effective cleaning.

A Single Shampoo can be used daily on all types of hair, guaranteeing gentle cleansing, hydration and elasticity.


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- Contains natural surfactants derived from olive oil and sustainable palm oil

- 100% natural fragrance

- 100% natural preservatives added

100% ingredients with supply chain traced back to the Country of origin
- 98,2% biodegradable

- No added colorants

No silicones

No animal-derived ingredients


- 100% recyclable bottle

- Pack made of bio-based plastic from renewable vegetable sources (sugar cane)

- Reduced amount of plastic in the bottles, - 48% than equal size main competitors average

- Packaging designed to reduce the impact on transport: we added 17% more product per pallet, compared to the average retail Davines shampoo

- Containers designed to facilitate the using every drop and avoid product waste.

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How did we create a super-sustainable formula?


This advanced formulation maximizes biodegradability and naturally derived ingredients.


95% of the ingredients is of natural origin

- 100% of the active ingredients naturally derived.

- The formula contains a conditioning agent based on quinoa, which gives the hair softness, shine and easy-combing effect in a completely natural way.

- A multifunctional carbohydrate also provides hydration to the hair.

- 100% natural added preservatives

- 100% natural fragrance, obtained from essential oils. Among these, lavender, rosemary, cedar wood, patchouli and geranium.

- 100% ingredients with supply chain traced back to the Country of origin

- Without added colourants, silicones or animal derived ingredients, PEG or ethoxylated

What do we mean when we talk about "naturality"?

According to the ISO 16128 classification, an ingredient can be defined of natural origin even if it contains up to 50% of synthetic portion within the molecular structure.

For Davines, this criterion is not restrictive enough.

We decided to create our own naturality criterion, according to which only the ingredients that have 100% natural molecular structurecan be defined "of natural origin".

When we talk about natural ingredients we do not allow any synthetic portion.

Click here and find out more about the Davines naturalness criterion.

Sustainability characteristics

The creation of A Single Shampoo starts from our desire to achieve true sustainable beauty.

First Carbon Neutral product

Offsetting CO2 emissions

This is absolutely our first completely carbon neutral product: the CO2 emissions generated during the entire life cycle of A Single Shampoo are 100% offset thanks to the EthioTreesproject.

Packaging from vegetable sources

Sustainable design

The bottles are made of recyclable bio-based plastic. Bioplastics, obtained from vegetable sources (sugar cane), contribute to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment.

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