Demi-permanent colour

View is an innovative and highly sustainable tone-on tone colour line with acidic pH that offers extraordinary shine and outstanding non-committing chromatic results fully respecting and reinforcing the hair structure without lifting natural melanin’s.

- Delicate formula which gives shinier hair

- No lift of natural melanin’s

- Colour gradually fades naturally and beautifully with up to 15-20

- Blend the first signs of white hair, up to 50%

Did you know?


- View is a versatile system, with a creamy gel texture ideal for easy and fast application at the shampoo basin or workstation.

- It is applied on shampooed, thoroughly towel-dried hair, leaving on just for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.


Useful professional tips to increase the colour intensity and longevity of VIEW:

- Use a dry heat source
- Apply VIEW on dry hair
- Avoid the use of shampoo after VIEW

Check the VIEW Technical Dossier for the detailed information


Principles of the formula

Davines’ Research and Development Laboratories developed View, a delicate non-committing demi-permanent colour, that thanks to the acidic pH, helps to protect from the risk of hair breakage protects the hair structure and gives shinier hair.

Natural polyglicerols

In View formulations, we introduced “natural polyglicerols”.

  • Never before used in the world of hair colour
  • Extracted from olive oil to provide extreme shine, moisture and softness to the hair
  • Contribute to the reinforcing effect, in total respect of the hair structure
  • Even more sustainable formulation, as they are delicate and biodegradable emulsifiersfrom renewable sources.


View is a versatile system to develop no-committing colour services such as:

  • Toning natural, previously coloured and bleached or lightened hair;
  • Refreshing lengths and ends while a permanent colour is applied on the regrowth;
  • Enhancing warm or cooler tones, ideal for the first step into colour;
  • Equalizing existing colours;
  • Blending first signs of white hair up to a maximum of 50%;
  • Glazing to add extra shine and softness to the hair
  • Male colouring services;
  • Creative pastel toning on pre-lightened hair;
  • Colour correction.

Professional tips for hairdressers

Prepare the colour mixture by weighing the colour and activator,
following the mixing ratio: 1 part colour + 1 part Activator 10 vol.

Colour development can be controlled visually (up to 5-20 minutes) and removed when required. However, when disguising white hair, full color processing is highly recommended.

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