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Short grey hair: the trend for 2022


Even Pantone has chosen Ultimate Grey as the colour of the year! Here’s the cut to choose to complement your grey style and the professional products to enhance this cool, metallic colour.

Even Pantone has celebrated Ultimate Grey as one if it’s colours of the year! Here’s the cut to choose to complement your grey style and the professional quality products to enhance this cool, metallic colour.

With its metallic and glossy shades, grey hair is fascinating, on both mature muses - like the inimitable Helen Mirren or Jamie Lee Curtis - and ingenues - from Billie Eilish to Winnie Harlow. Obtaining (and maintaining) cool grey hair without a hairdresser’s help, however, can be difficult.

Tempted to try out grey? Make an appointment with your favourite Davines salonfor custom cut and colour advice! Read on to find all the grey hair trend inspiration for your salon appointment.

Grey Hair Haircuts, Styles & Trends

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For a chic, contemporary look - we recommend avoiding longer or regular length haircuts, which can make grey hair look dated.

Opt for a short or very short haircut, instead. The perfect example is Meryl Streep’s look in The Devil Wears Prada: practical, elegant, modern. An asymmetrical bob or a pixie cut with a quiff can also be an excellent solution.

In his first proposal for the 2021 collection, Tom Connell- Davines Hair Art Director - makes grey the star of the show, with a very short haircut inspired by Tilda Swinton. Below are our favourite grey hair trends and tips to keep your hair looking great.

The Shadowing Technique: choose your shades of grey

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In this pixie cut, Tom Connell plays with various shades of grey: locks of a darker colour pop up where least expected, giving movement to the whole haircut.

The audacious contrast of shades is obtained thanks to the new Davines technique, Shadowing. Shadows are at the heart of this technique, i.e. the dark sections that enhance the rest of the colour, creating a visual effect where light grey appears glossier and the hair, in general, looks fuller.

The bigger the difference between shades, the more visible the contrast. If you’d like a more delicate result, choose shades that are closer to each other, with the help of your Davines hairdresser.

How to Balance & Counter Grey’s Warm Reflects

The main issue with maintaining - natural or coloured - grey hair is dealing with warm reflects. In the case of natural grey, as we age the production of melanin is interrupted and the hair turns white, with warm tones. Formerly light hair is at risk from yellow tones, while formerly dark hair tends to turn copper.

Coloured hair also faces the same type of risk: due to the effect of the sun and other elements, cosmetic colour can gradually become warmer. To counter the yellow, it’s fundamental to use the services of a professional salon that can give you the cool-toned colour that best suits you. Once back home, remember to use shampoosand conditionerswith pigments that “cool down” the colour.

Ultra-cool Colour

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For a healthy and glossy grey, it’s not enough to let the hair grow and stop colouring it.

Your hairdresser can be a great help in the transition to grey by using natural cool tones, such as those that are guaranteed with our professional Mask with Vibrachrom 

Cool Intense Natural.

Silver Shampoo

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The second fundamental step is using a shampoo with blue/purple pigments, such as Alchemic Silver Shampoo.

This shampoo counters the yellow reflects caused by environmental factors, such as exposure to the sun or smog, or bleaching.

Silver Conditioner 

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To close the circle, we advise you to enhance cool reflects by also applying Alchemic Silver Conditioner.

After rinsing the shampoo, apply the conditioner throughout the hair, distributing it evenly. Leave on for 5 minutes, comb and then rinse. 


Extra brilliance, shine and smoothing for white and grey hair

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Another issue with - natural or coloured - grey hair is that it can become frizzy and dull. To make even grey hair glossy and disciplined, we recommend adding OI Oil to your routine:

  • If you’d like to tame frizz, apply on towel-dried hair before blow drying it.
  • For a final touch of brilliance and softness, apply OI Oil to dry hair for added definition.

And one more thing: don’t forget to apply a hair mask at least twice a month. The Renaissance Circle, is an ultra-nourishing mask great for damaged hair. Take a look at our Masks & Treatments to find the best one for you.

A Round up on Grey Hair Trends

Keeping up to date with all the hair trends can be a time consuming task, which is why we take it upon ourselves to create a list of trending styles to make it easy for you. Use our grey hair trends above to help with style inspiration for your next appointment. 

To keep your colour looking vibrant at home, shop our collection of colour enhancing products for grey hair with our best-selling Alchemic range

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