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Davines Spring Hair Care Guide

Spring Hair Care Guide

Tips and essentials to get you through the seasonal transition

Just when you thought you finally got a good winter hair care routine going spring comes slowly creeping in with a slew of new challenges: humidity! sun! hair loss! Always having to adapt your beauty habits to the season is worth it for healthy and luxuriant spring locks — trust us. Here's what to expect of the approaching transitional period and how to get through it with Davines' favourite spring hair care products.

  • What Does Spring Do to Your Hair?
  • What Does Spring Do to Your Scalp?
  • Essential Tips to Care for Your Hair in Spring
  • Moisture
  • Restore Shine
  • Combat Seasonal Hair Loss
  • Enlist Some Help From The Pros

What Does Spring Do to Your Hair?

You might have noticed your strands looking parched and dehydrated through the winter, but as the air begins to warm its moisture content naturally increases, leaving hair frizzy and unruly. Sun exposure, although fine for hair in small doses, can in excess create additional stress, sometimes even compromising hair colour, protein content, and lustre. This stress combined with temperature changes can culminate in hair loss. (Not to worry: fall and spring "shedding" is common.)

What Does Spring Do to Your Scalp?

Spring is, in one way, a big refreshing drink for thirsty skin. At the same time, rising temperatures kick sebum production into overdrive, which can cause skin to become oily. You might notice a bit of extra grease on your scalp during the transitional period. Try to prevent it from building up, which can clog pores and cause inflammation, leading to more hair loss. 

Davines Spring Hair Care Tips

Essential Tips to Care for Your Hair in Spring

Ready to start prepping your hair for springtime? These tips and essential Davines products will have you relishing silky-smooth, full-bodied, healthy hair during the challenging transitional period.

1. Moisture

Moisture is your best friend and No. 1 ally as spring approaches. Incorporating deep conditioners and hair masks into your routine is the best way to quench your strands. How often to deep condition depends on your individual hair type and level of dryness, but we recommend starting with once a month and increasing to weekly as needed.


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MOMO Conditioner


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Intense Treatment

2. Restore shine

Once your hair is aptly moisturised, you should see some of its natural lustre return. But don't hesitate to boost shine and softness with a special treatment.


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OI Liquid Luster


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Sheer Glaze


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The Spotlight Circle

3. Combat Seasonal Hair Loss

Spring is for shedding layers, not hair. The stronger, healthier, and more energised your hair, the less likely it is to fall out. Our ENERGIZING line is designed to wake up the scalp and stimulate new hair growth while preventing further breakage.

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4. Enlist Some Help From the Pros

Nobody can bring the spring hair back in shape like a qualified professional. Book an appointment with your Davines hairdresser to learn about scalp and hair treatments.

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