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Sustainability and Transparency Powered by Provenance

Davines proudly partners with Provenance to uphold the highest possible standards of transparency and sustainability. Provenance is a sophisticated technology that uses blockchain data to fact check claims about our social and environmental impact against the supply chain, ultimately protecting you, the customer, from greenwashing.

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How Does It Work?

What is Provenance?

The technology does the research for you to confirm that products and ingredients we claim are cruelty-free, vegan, or packaged in recycled plastic — among other claims — are so, then it authenticates those claims with easy-to-identify icons listed under the Provenance Proof of Impact menu on Davines' product pages.

What does it mean to be powered by Provenance?

Being powered by Provenance means that Davines' values are backed by real evidence, and that we are committed to showing the receipts behind our claims so you can shop with confidence.

What are Proof Points?

Proof Points are icons that authenticate that Provenance has either verified a claim or that the claim is evidenced. The icons verify certifications from accreditation bodies like Leaping Bunny, The Vegan Society, and the Forest Stewardship Council while also backing claims of climate neutrality, carbon offsetting, and more.

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Provenance-Powered Hair Care by Davines

Commerce as a Force for Good

 PROVENANCE is a platform to enable commerce as a force for good. So, we work with businesses that make or sell products, and we enable them to make their supply chains and the impact behind those products transparent."

Jessi Baker, founder of Provenance

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Our Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

Davines is a brand rooted in sustainability. We're a certified B Corp who puts biodiversity at the core of everything we do. We operate out of a carbon-neutral village in Parma and prioritize ingredients grown around Italy using regenerative practices. We keep our environmental impact light with circular packaging, emissions offsetting, and more.

Sustainability at the Heart

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Do our best for the world, creating good life for all, through beauty, ethics and sustainability. This is the purpose that inspires Davines every day.

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The story of a shampoo bottle begins long before it arrives in your shower! At Davines, we study the most low-impact packaging solutions for all our products.

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On our path of creating a good life for all, we are honored to share with you our impact report 2021/2022.

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