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Summer Hair Care - 5 Different Ways  


If protecting your skin from the sunlight is the standard, then why isn’t it the same for hair? Here are our summer hair care tips on to help you keep your hair healthy keeping hair healthy and protected in the sun.

Summer Hair Care - Why is it important? 

In the summer, our hair is more exposed to sunlight (yes, even in the UK!) as well as harming elements like: salt water, chlorine, intense heat, wind or sand. Protecting our hair whether we're at home, away or on a stay-cation, is crucial to prevent it from becoming dull, dry and brittle. Read on to find our expert summer hair care tips for whether you'll be in the sea or pool, or exploring in the countryside or city.

5 Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

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Heat Protection, Always!

Sun exposure can damage your hair's structure and changes its colour. This is whywe recommend using sun protection for hair such as ourSU milk: this invisible leave-in milk has UVfiltersthat preserve hair's moisturise and colour of hair, keeping it light, soft and easy to comb.

 Wash your hair after swimming

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Try to rinse or wash your hair straight after swimming in the sea or pool with fresh, clean water. Use a gentle cleansing, moisturising formulalike SU Hair & Body Wash (this product is designed for post-sun use). As well as gently eliminating salt, chlorine and sand, it offers an antioxidant action and soothes the effects of sun exposure, leaving hair hydrated and soft. This is one of the easiest summer hair care tips we can give you! 

Top tip: Using a single product for hair and body is convenient, especially when you need to limit what you pack for a trip away.


Moisturise hair after sun & sea exposure

Taking care of your hair during the summer months guarantees you will get back to work looking & feeling radiant.

Our tips on maintaining moisturised, healthy hair:


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Once or twice a week, apply a regenerative mask that helps revitalise hair after stress caused by sun, salt water and chlorine exposure, detangling it and restoring softness and shine. OurSU Hair Maskwill help refresh and provides antioxidant action.


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After washing hair, treat strands with care: avoid wringing your hair or rubbing roughly with a towel. Try using a soft cotton t-shirt instead, gently patting hair to absorb some moisture. Letting hair dry naturally as often as possible and limiting the use of heat tools like straighteners -even using a lower heat setting on your hair drier will help avoid extra stress on your hair!


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Care for your hair even on cloudy days as UV levels can still be high and damaging. Try a chic strawhat, a silky scarf or bandana to protect your scalp: click below to find our blog on 4 hairstyles for the summer!

Summer Haircare Mistakes to Avoid 

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  • Skip treatments right before going on holiday- Chemical hair treatments like bleaching can weaken and sensitise hair, and sun exposure can effect your colour: instead, book it as a treat for post-holiday.
  • Don't leave your hair down - It's not just a matter of convenience: if you have long hair it can be best to keep it tied up, just not too tightly. Ponytails, buns or braids help defend the scalp from burning and prevent hair from additional damage or tangles.
  • Skip the heat - Give your hair a break from its normal routine, embrace and enhance your natural texture! Hair primers are great leave-in treatments, simply spritz and comb through strands after washing for added protection and hydration while you air-dry.

Try Our Summer Haircare Tips

Give your hair some TLC and look after it properly on holiday with our summer hair care tips. By knowing that your hair is healthy and happy in the sun, you can enjoy your holiday without worrying you’ll cause any lasting damage. 

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