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Summer Hairstyles Trending this Year


You’ve been waiting for it to be time to break out the swimsuit and your favourite summer outfits, but what will you do with your hair?

Summer weather can wreak havoc on your hair health. High humidity can make it frizzy and tricky to manage, and pool chemicals can cause damage. Not to mention the heat – did you know your hair can actually get sunburned?

Our favourite summer hairstyles are updos (because no one wants hair sticking to the back of their neck all summer!) that are simple to style. After all, you’re probably too busy having fun to spend a beautiful summer morning in front of a mirror.

Five Summer Hairstyles Approved by Davines Stylists

Check out our top picks for easy summer hairstyles to keep you feeling your best all season long, no matter what fun summer activities you have planned. We went to Tommaso Incamicia for advice: hairstylist of cult Milan salon My Place Hair Studio.

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High ponytail

Want to try a cute long hair style? Try a cute and trendy high ponytail this summer!

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Headband hairstyle

If you don’t have the time for an detailed style, try a headband hairstyle. Headbands and other accessories are a great way to make a cute look on a hot summer day.

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Sleepover Beach Waves

Pro tip: You don’t need to go to the beach to get beach waves! Try letting hair air dry with a hair serum or hair oil to embrace your natural texture, or leave hair in a braid while damp before shaking it out.

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Box braids

Want a hairdo you don’t have to change up for days or even weeks? Enter box braids. This style takes much more time at first, but once your hair is braided it can last all summer - no styling necessary. Pro tip: Tie off your braids with clear or hair coloured hair ties!

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French braids

Oh French braids, you never go out of style. Did you wash your hair today? Who knows (and who cares? You look cute!) when you’re rocking this awesome summer hairstyle.

12 Best Hairstyles for Summer

Our top 12 cute summer hairstyles seamlessly transition from day to night to keep you looking and feeling great, no matter what summer activities you’re getting up to.

1. Tendrils
Still growing out that fringe? Yeah, us too. That’s why we’re happy that tendrils are such a chic look. No tutorial required for this easy summer look – just pull back your hair with a hair tie in either a half up, French braided, ponytail, top knot, or messy bun style. Pull out a couple of chunky pieces near your parting and – voila! – instant effortless style.

2. Braided Half Up
Channel mermaid vibes with the braided half up summer hairstyle – it’s great paired with beach waves, even if on short hair (just throw in a couple extra bobby pins to keep your braids from falling apart). We love the braided half up look for hair that’s a little dirty, a little sandy, and a little windblown from a day out in the sun.

3. Topknot
We’re glad topknots are so timeless because they are such an easy summer 'do! Perfect for basically every summer activity, from dining to picnicking in the park, kayaking to napping by the pool. A top knot is an effortless updo that always looks elegant, and we’re here for itGo for a messy bun if you’re just lounging around, or try styling your top knot using bobby pins for a sleek look on a hot night out, even using styling paste, waxor pomadeto help stick down flyaways for a ballerina style.

4. Pigtails
We all thought pigtails were left behind in the 90s, but like so many other fabulous 90s trends (crop tops, anyone?) they’ve made their way back into mainstream fashion, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Pull hair back with two hair ties and a couple of scrunchies and you’re ready to go enjoy your summer day.

5. Sleek Knot
A top knot, but make it glamorous.

6. Pixie Cut
Three words: No. Styling. Required (unless you’re into that sort of thing!). Spice up this short hair look with some hair colour, or use texturizing spray and hair spray to style.

7. Half Up/Half Down
Don’t have time for a braided half up look? No one will even notice if you pull back your beach waves in a half up loose ponytail (or one of those tiny top knot messy buns – so cute!). Easy summer hairstyle – check.

8. Loose Ponytail
If you’ve got a frizzy mane from the humid summer air, a loose ponytail can get you through the summer days in style.

9. Wet look
No tutorial necessary – long hair, short hair, frizzy, or fine, the wet look is the easiest summer hairstyle! Pro tip: Use a couple bobby pins to keep it in place behind your ears all afternoon!

10. Fishtail
Do you know how to French braid? Awesome. Then you know how to fishtail braid! Just do a French braid inside out and secure it with hair ties, bobby pins, and some hair spray for this effortless updo. If you have ombre or balayage, this can really make your hair colour stand out! Instead of finishing the braid down your back, tie it off with a messy bun for effortless styling.

11. Ballerina Bun
Bun updos generally fall into one of three categories: top knots, messy buns and ballerina buns. Ballerina buns might be the most difficult to perfect, but armed with some hair ties, bobby pins, and your favourite styling gel, you can totally nail this polished-looking updo. Just don’t forget to waft some hair spray over it once you’re done to tame loose flyaways! 

12. Short braid
Don’t have the long hair required for a box braid? Change up your braid style with shorter braids! Share your unique style with colourful variations and length changes, even incorporating ribbon for added colour and texture.

Other Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

So your hair is definitely going to look great all summer, but will it be healthy? Check out these summer hair care tips to keep your locks thick and nourished.
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1. Use a Moisturising Hair Mask

Heat, salt, and pool chemicals can all dry out your ‘do. If you get your hair bleached or coloured for the summer, that can dry it out too! Treat your hair with a hydrating mask weekly to help prevent hair becoming dry and brittle.
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2. Get a Trim

Split ends? No thank you! Keep up your regular trim schedule to prevent them from developing. Click here to find your local Davines Salon.
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3. Protect Hair from Chlorine

Ever had your hair turn green from chlorine? Turns out this chemical does a lot of damage to your locks! To protect from chlorine damage, drench your hair in cold water before getting into the pool, and layer on hair oil or protective mist beforehand. After swimming, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to clean out any leftover chlorine.
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4. Maintaining Blonde Hair this Summer

If you have trouble maintaining your blonde hair in summer, try some of our collection formulated specifically for blondes. Heart of Glass of colour-enhancing shampoo and conditioner will ensure your hair stays a vibrant blonde tone all summer long!
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5. Use Products that Target Frizz

Some of us get flat hair in the summer, and the rest of us get frizz. Try hair care products designed for frizzy hair such as our Love Smooth Shampoo and Love Smooth Conditioner to target flyaways and humidity this summer.
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6. Protect Hair from the Sun

If you’re not into hats, protect your hair from the sun with sun-protecting leave-in spray like SU Milk  – it’s like sunscreen for your hair. And read our article that explains how to protect the hair from summer heat!

Davines Can Help You Get the Perfect Summer Look

The perfect hairstyle for summer days comes from styling and nourishing fragile summer hair. Whether you style with an updo, like a french braid or messy bun, or simply rock short hair during summer days, Davines has products that keep your hair – and our planet! – healthy.

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