MOMO Moisturising Hair Products

MOMO hair care essentials deeply hydrate dry, dehydrated hair with natural active ingredients.

MOMO Moisturising Hair Products
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MOMO Essentials for Intense Moisture and Nourishment

Dry, dehydrated hair craves moisture. From windswept strands to dry scalps, we aim to quench hair's thirst with ingredients that provide long-lasting hydration. Our MOMO collection is full of essentials that offer deep hydration that you can see and feel.

The  MOMO Hydrating Shampoo cleanses hair while drawing in moisture with ingredients like Paceco Cartucciaru and Yellow Melon extract. Our rich, creamy conditioner provides intense nourishment, combats dryness and protects hair fibres. For added moisture between washes, the  MOMO Conditioner melts into a lightweight serum that leaves hair silky, and never greasy. Or opt for the simplicity of the  MOMO Shampoo Bar, with ultra-gentle cleansers and nurturing ingredients.

Wherever your hair needs a deep drink, turn to MOMO for products that provide an oasis of hydration. Hair is left supple, strong, and restored. Discover the MOMO difference for hair that longs for lasting moisture.

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